Lab Technician Salary

Lab technician salary projections are on the rise yet again. As jobs in medicine continue to show record growth, the field as a whole is hiring more college graduates than any two fields combined. Anytime a bachelor’s degree can garner $35,000-70,000 a year in salary right out of the gate, of course enrollment numbers in related programs will explode. Often called clinical or lab techs, the job description will find much more variety and involvement in the hands on aspects of the medical field. An associate’s degree is also available in this discipline, as well as vocational or technical certifications, but the expected salary will be less than that of a bachelor’s graduate.

There are several working environments that a lab technician may experience. Federal employees in the field earned higher salaries than those in hospitals, universities, or private practices, but the important thing to note in this situation is that there are many different avenues that a program graduate can pursue.

Because the field itself is incredibly generalized, there are many skills that required when working as a lab tech. Much of the work will be conducted with a microscope, in search of diseases or in the hopes of identifying what may be causing a patient’s symptoms. The analyzing of cells or parasites will also make up a large portion of the lab techs work load. In many ways, this career can be very exciting, as you will often feel like a detective. Following clues in the hopes of accelerating a problem’s solution can be incredibly gratifying work. With all of these necessary skills required, it’s no wonder that the lab technician salary is the envy of most other related fields.

Before entering the job market, a lab technician must be licensed in the state of employment. The aforementioned salary numbers can vary based upon the type of lab you are hired into, the level of education completed, and the specific duties you will be asked to perform. The ability to analyze data and put pieces of information together coherently are necessary skills that can further increase your earning ability. And, as with all professions, the region you are working in will always have a bearing on the amount of money you’ll make per year.

The education necessary in becoming a lab tech directly explains the lab technician salary range. Those that have completed a bachelor’s program in the field will receive offers on the upper end of the wage scale, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fetch that kind of salary with simply an associate’s degree. Often, upon hiring, you will be given your duties and should you excel, you’ll find that the self-driven generally do very well in this profession. You can accelerate your own pay increases by exhibiting incredible problem solving skills, and giving doctors the information they need to accurately diagnose and treat their patients. The help you can offer is not overlooked, and diligence and professionalism are always rewarded. The medical field is showing no signs of slowing in growth, and with high salaries and plenty of room for advancement, it’s apparent why many are deciding that this is the industry for them. Article Source: